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What is Matrix Protection?

An Electronics Warranty built with you in mind

Times change, so should the level of protection and service you expect.

  • Protect New and Refurbished Products The Matrix Electronics Protection Plan protects new and refurbished electronics and small appliances.
  • Protect Past and Future Purchases Any electronics and small appliances you currently own or will purchase in the future are covered.
  • Repair, Replace or Refund We process all claims within 4 hours. If we can't repair, we'll replace. If we can't replace, we'll refund.
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Customer Hotline You never know when disaster might strike. We'll be there no matter what.
  • Protect New and Refurbished Products
  • Protect Past and Future Purchases
  • Repair, Replace or Refund
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Customer Hotline

so, what exactly are you covering?

Any Brand - Any Store

You buy online. You buy offline. It's cool, we've got you covered.

You buy electronics and small appliances from all sorts of places. The Matrix Electronics Protection Plan covers all the new and refurbished electronics and small appliances you buy - no matter where you buy them. And no matter what the brand!

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What if I ever buy new electronics?

Protection that grows with you

Add products to your plan as you buy them.

Say "no" to the hard sales pitch - you're already covered. Simply add the electronics and small appliances that you purchase to your Matrix Protection plan via your Product Dashboard and you're covered.

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Who uses matrix protection?

Real People Who Broke Real Things

The average U.S. household has about 40 electric gadgets. None of them are invincible.

  • Meet Paul Ziegler from L.A., CA:

    "I really like that I just add new products to my coverage as I buy them. That's so convenient. Even covers the stuff I buy online on sites like Groupon and Amazon."

  • Meet Betsy Gonzalez from Phoenix, AZ:

    "At first, I couldn't believe that this service covers all of my family's electronics items. We have 3 kids in the house with all types of gadgets. Not having to worry about things breaking is a big deal to our family."

  • Meet Alex Pinder from Miami, FL:

    "The great thing about this is that no matter what types of electronics you have or what you paid for them, it all falls under one roof. In our home we've got 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 computers, 2 TVs...the list goes on and on."

26,945 Protection Plans Issued in 2013 so far. Will you be next?

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"Is this for real?"

We've been in the Warranty Business for over 40 years. yeah it's for real!

How is this possible and how does it differ than the extended warranties offered by most retailers?

A retailer plan is expensive and covers only ONE new product with a limited term. Retailers typically sell you a new plan for each consumer electronics product you purchase. Retailer plans often exceed 20% of the purchase price of each product.

The Matrix plan is inexpensive and covers ALL of your products under ONE plan for a small fixed monthly fee, regardless of the number of registered products. This is possible because traditional extended warranties are overly inflated and we've simply cut out most of the fat.

How do I get started?

Once you sign up, you need to register your eligible products. Any eligible products that you purchased in the last 4 years should be registered within 30 days of your Matrix Electronics Protection Plan activation date. Then register your future purchases with us within 30 days of their purchase.

How long are my products covered?

Your coverage will never end as long as you pay the low fixed monthly fee.

Is the Matrix Electronics Protection Plan insured?

The Matrix Electronics Protection Plan is fully A.M. Best A-rated insured.

What happens if something breaks?

Call 1-855-500-MATRIX when you have a registered product that requires repair. We have a network of more than 10,000 service repair professionals available and ready to fix your problem. If it's a large item, such as a 40” flat screen, we'll send a repair professional to your home.

When does my coverage start?

The Matrix plan term starts on the date of enrollment via the registration process. Products are eligible for coverage on the 31st day following the plan term start date. Newly purchased products must be registered within 30 days of purchase and are eligible for coverage on the 31st day following the product's registration.

Can I cancel my plan?

You may cancel your plan for any reason at any time. To cancel, simply call 1-855-500-MATRIX or log in to your user account.